Fully Configurable System

Versaic’s highly configurable system makes it possible for you to have a streamlined, automated solution that works exactly the way you want. Many of our clients report they’ve cut the time they spend on processing requests by over 90%.

With Versaic, you’ll have a consistent process that can be easily understood. Submitters will understand your criteria for support and provide only the information you need to make a decision. Stakeholders inside the company will get exactly the information they need in the format that works best for them.

Only Versaic provides customized routing that ensures requests and proposals get automatically routed to the right people or groups for review, no matter how complicated or decentralized your organization might be. Unlike software that forces you to work in a specified way or use pre-set processes or forms, Versaic is completely configurable and gives you exactly what you need with nothing extraneous to bog things down.

Versaic’s flexible workflows are created based on your exact requirements, with an easy to use interface that delivers only the information, tasks and projects you and your reviewers need to see. Everything is logged and time stamped so there’s an audit trail for the entire process, making managing and tracking your program much simpler. You tell us your approval process and we’ll make it happen, whether it’s committee review, majority, unanimous vote, etc.

With Versaic, the system is yours: it’s your branding, your guidelines, your processes, your data. Everything is specified by you and your company, not driven by the software. Plus, we have a lot of experience in putting configurations together for our clients, so we’ll offer suggestions, best practices and ideas about how to avoid future pitfalls.

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