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Versaic Giving makes it simple to launch and manage a corporate donations program that has impact in your community and on your brand. Your customers want to engage with companies that are responsible, transparent and give back to the community. With Versaic Giving, you’ll clearly communicate your corporate values and philanthropic objectives to your community. Versaic Giving is easy to navigate, whether you’re inside or outside the company.

Versaic provides the tools and objectivity you need to fairly and accurately manage your donations program, from cash and product contributions to charitable events or grants. Versaic Giving streamlines the process, making it possible for you open your program up to requests from non-profits and community groups without getting bogged down in managing requests.

With Versaic Giving, you’ll respond faster, have greater visibility and make better decisions about where to focus your philanthropic efforts. You’ll spend more time on things that matter and showcase your good work to the outside world.

of Versaic Giving:

- Enhance your brand by engaging effectively with your community

- Streamline your process and gain valuable insight into how you’re making an impact 

- Reduce administrative overhead so you can spend time and money where it matters

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Versaic Giving Streamlines Giving Process

Anheuser-Busch has committed significant resources to delivering on its Better World dream. The company supports charitable events and programs through generous donations of both product and cash, relying on Versaic to manage, prioritize and respond to thousands of community-related requests from across the U.S. With Versaic, Anheuser-Busch has made its philanthropy program more accessible to the community, improved responsiveness and aligned the CSR program with the corporate mission, all of which translates to an enhanced brand image. Anheuser Busch


Key Capabilities & Features

Versaic provides the tools and objectivity you need to fairly and accurately manage your philanthropy program, from donations to charitable events to grants. Versaic Giving streamlines the process, making it possible for you open your program up to non-profits and community groups without getting bogged down in managing requests. With Versaic Giving, get the right information to the right people for review. Your team will love the way Versaic Giving helps you manage requests, facilitate decision making and report on the impact of your philanthropy program. - Branded Portal and Guidelines - Client-Specified Submissions - Company-Wide Routing - Effective Review and Response - Flexible Dashboards and Impact Reporting 

Branded Portal and Guidelines

Non-profits and individuals want to engage with companies that are open, transparent and engaged in the community. Versaic Giving helps you put your best foot forward with a customized portal that showcases your brand values and philanthropic goals. Make it easy for organizations to engage with your company by communicating your expectations and criteria for support.
- Get maximum impact with a dedicated, branded page that has the look and feel of your corporate site
- Tout the goals and accomplishments of your donation program
- Provide a link from your website that makes it easy for community groups to learn about your program

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Client Specified Submissions

Streamlining your giving process starts with collecting the right information. With Versaic Giving, you’ll collect exactly the information you require in the format that works for you. With Versaic’s automated system, there’s no concern about volume. Proposals that don’t meet your requirements will be filtered, leaving the most promising opportunities ready for your review.
- Create a single point of submission that increases efficiency and eliminates unwanted paper proposals or follow up calls
- Enable submitters to easily make requests and track the status of their proposals without requiring time or effort from your team
- Eliminate manual processing; automatically track whether a submission is eligible under your guidelines for giving

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Company-wide Routing

Many companies have philanthropic initiatives taking place throughout the organization, from retail locations to regional or branch offices, up to corporate headquarters. Even if your philanthropy program is more centralized, you need to have the right people on your team involved. It’s essential to route proposals to the appropriate people in your organization for review, decisions and action. With Versaic Giving, nothing falls through the cracks, no matter how complex the process.
- Automatically route submissions to the right people in the organization based on your organizational structure and needs
- Route requests by any criteria you choose -- type (grants, product donation, charitable event) location, brand, dollar amount or scope
- Eliminate the chance that important requests end up buried under a stack of paper

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Effective Review and Response

Versaic Giving makes the proposal review process as easy as possible. Using your company criteria for support, our automated pre-screening ensures that the opportunities most closely aligned with your philanthropic goals can be identified. Scoring and assigning values to submitted information makes it easy for reviewers to make better and faster decisions. Every interaction your company has with a community group or non-profit seeking support is an opportunity to enhance your brand. It’s critical to respond in a timely way and with Versaic Giving, nobody is left hanging.
- Ensures that all proposals are evaluated fairly and consistently through automated scoring
- Supports team or committee review; tracks comments and input from all reviewers
- Captures all relevant data in one place, available 24/7, including organization history, 501(c)3 details and committee recommendations
- Sets expectations for timely response starting with automatic thank you after a submission

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Flexible Dashboards and Impact Reporting

In order to manage your philanthropy program effectively, you need insight into whether your goals are being met and how you’re making an impact. How many requests are received and how many are approved? How much money is being given away and how much time is being donated? How many people is your company helping? The only way you’ll be able to answer these questions is by having the data at your fingertips that let’s you look at the big picture as well as the fine detail. Versaic Giving helps you understand and communicate your philanthropic reach to your team, management and community.

- Get a concise picture of where you’re having an impact through customized dashboards that display metrics and performance data
- Track the impact of your giving by automatically requesting follow up information from approved non-profits post-contribution or event
- Create ad hoc or custom reports and export to any format
- Report to upper management, investors and even regulators depending on your needs


Flexible Dashboardand Impact Reporting