The Versaic System

Versaic is the only online request and program management solution that works precisely the way you want. You’ll have every bell and whistle you want without anything excess to get in the way. Built on Versaic’s patented technology, our solution is endlessly configurable so you get exactly the mix of features, functions and tools you need to manage your grants, donations and sponsorship programs.

Our clients have unique workflows, processes and specific ways of doing things. If your requirements change, our Client Success Team keeps your system up to date and working exactly the way you need it to work. No fuss no fire drill. It’s that easy.

Basic System Overview

Our system includes all the tools, features and functionality of other software providers with one big difference: Versaic custom-configures each solution to our client’s exact requirements.

Versaic’s flexible workflows are created based on your exact requirements, with an easy to use interface and custom routing that delivers only the information, tasks and projects you and your reviewers need to see. Everything is logged and time stamped so there’s an audit trail for the entire process, making managing and tracking your program much simpler. You tell us your approval process and we’ll make it happen, no matter how complicated or decentralized your organization might be.

Our annual license includes updates needed to keep your system current, including changes to users, workflows, questionnaires, scoring, filters, reports, software improvement updates, and more. Every Versaic system includes the following features and services.

Base components:

Admin console

The admin console enables users to manage all proposals online, from reviewing new grant requests and managing payments, to updating budgets and running detailed reports. Users have access, roles and permissions based on their responsibilities. For example, an admin user may have access to all mailboxes in the system with a broad set of privileges, while other users might have only some or all of those capabilities. Any system actions can be turned off or on for any user.

grant admin and process management

Customized, branded submitter portal

Versaic provides a fully branded and customized portal where those who want to engage with your organization can submit proposals or requests. The portal has the look and feel of your website and you’ll have full control over all guidelines and content. Your organization’s objectives and criteria for support will be clear to visitors. With Versaic, you’ll have a consistent process that can be easily understood and followed. Using questionnaires unique to your process, submitters will be guided to provide only the information you need to make a decision. Additional submitter portals can be added to support multiple brands or various submitter types such as requests from employees vs external groups, or to support invite only programs.

grants application portal

Reviewer mailboxes

With the Versaic system, it’s easy to ensure that everyone who needs to review proposals has access to the right information. Mailboxes are virtual destinations where proposals are stored for viewing and management by users who have access to that mailbox. Reviewers have mailbox dashboards, including custom settings such as email templates, providing flexibility for managing the mailbox. Additional mailboxes are often used by clients to manage requests across multiple regions/departments or across multiple programs or types of requests (e.g. donations and sponsorships).

reviews and response

Comprehensive & versatile reporting

With Versaic, you can report on any data in any format, no exceptions. Since data is collected consistently and automatically across the organization, it’s possible to report on any region, product group, store or program. Versaic provides several pre-defined basic reports as well as an unlimited number of custom reports designed to your specification including any format (Bar, Pie, Grid, etc.) and various outputs (PDF, Excel, XML, etc.). Reports can also be drillable enabling users to view reports and click to view more detailed information and reports. Versaic provides tools to quickly query, search, filter, report or export against any data included in the system, whether submitted by organizations or entered by client team members.

Comprehensive and Versatile Reporting

Fast, Effortless Implementation

Getting started with Versaic couldn’t be easier or faster. It’s usually just a phone call or two to scope out your needs and our team is able to configure an initial system that you and your team can start testing. Our team will field your requests for changes on the fly as well as make recommendations based on our experience and best practices. Typically our systems are ready for review in two weeks and fully live in 30 days. You can launch without IT involvement or lengthy specifications. No other solution can be deployed faster than Versaic.

Because Versaic is a SaaS solution, you’ll always have the latest updates and features available to you. Beyond that, it’s easy to adapt the system to keep pace with changes in your business. With Versaic, there’s no trade off. You get precisely the solution you need in record time.



Dedicated client success manager

Our clients tell us Versaic’s Client Success Team makes all the difference. It’s one of the reasons our clients renew with us each year, and a source of great pride for our company. Versaic’s skilled team possesses a wealth of expertise about best practices in grants, corporate giving and sponsorship. Each client is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager and based on your specific needs, he or she will make suggestions and configure a system that meets your objectives.

Once you’re up and running, your Client Success Manager is there for you for the long haul. When things change, and they always do, Versaic’s team will update your system to help you stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s adding new users, creating new reports, launching new initiatives or anything else that comes up, we’re here to help. We view this as a partnership so the time and expertise of your Client Success Manager is provided at no additional charge and he or she will become part of your team.

“Andy has been an invaluable business partner to me. He delivers impactful business solutions using a unique combination of technical expertise and outstanding communication skills. He is service-oriented, smart, and able to solve complex problems for just about any type of organization.”

Donna Zaring
Vice President, Senior Marketing Manager at Fifth Third Bank

Full submitter support

Versaic provides support for all your submitters, whether they’re grant requestors, potential sponsorships or community partners you support with donations. Some software companies dump the responsibility for taking care of submitters on to their clients. Not Versaic.

With Versaic, your partners will be able to log into the system and check the status of their proposal or request rather than following up directly with phone calls or emails. They’ll be able to upload attachments or add information to their proposals without going to you or your team for assistance. If your partners have trouble submitting a proposal, the Versaic team is there to provide support. With more satisfied community partners, you’ll be building your reputation and making life easier for your team.


Advanced Components:

Budget module

Versaic’s budget module enables clients to manage all budgets and payments in real time. The budget module is integrated with payments and highly configurable. Create multiple budgets or take advantage of features such as check requests or forecasting. Payment features include check request form creation, scheduling payments and splitting payments between budgets. Forecasting is also available. All budget and payment features can be managed from an easy to use budget dashboard.

grants budget management

Organization audit module

Versaic’s organization history capability means you can drill down and report on any non-profit or partner you’re engaging with to get a detailed view, including your entire history of work with that organization.

Create organization profiles and track full organization history, with the ability to automatically link each new proposal to an organization record. Manage contacts and track notes within grant proposals or organization records. Full integration with GuideStar Charity Check allows for verification of all non-profit organizations with a click of the mouse.

Organization Audit Module

Advanced scoring module

Score and measure your applications, internal recommendations and impact. Data collected from submitters or entered by your team during review processes can be used to calculate simple scoring results or detailed measurement reports to aid in decision-making, generate progress reports, analyze and report on impact, and more.

Advanced Scoring Module

Impact reporting module

Versaic’s Impact Reporting enables clients to increase touch points with grantees and track impact by automatically requesting post-grant follow up information from approved non-profits. Find out how your grant was used and the ultimate impact it had on the community so you can communicate those insights and results to your team, your management and constituents. Capture quotes, stories, images, expenditures and results of any type to better tell the story of how you’re making a difference and identify opportunities to enhance your program.

Clients who use their system for charitable event or sponsorship programs use impact reporting to follow up post-event and collect information such as audience attendance, how logos or ads were used, funds raised and more.

Impact Reporting requires no additional 
work from your team. All data collection and reporting is done automatically, making it effortless for you to understand the true value of philanthropy for your organization, your employees and your community. The Impact Reporting module includes the option to create a progress or interim report, a final report and an open form for any approved grantee to provide new stories, quotes, pictures and videos.

Impact Reporting


Versaic’s workflow options automate any internal processes enabling our clients to bring the optimal amount of structure to each program by ensuring every required action is taken by the right person or group at the right time.

Workflows are used most commonly for internal review and approval processes, which may include multiple unique stages, and for ensuring specific tasks are completed, such as getting a grant agreement in place or having an ad developed by a specific deadline date.

Along with the primary users of the system, Versaic’s workflow is accessible by reviewers whose access is limited to only those proposals assigned to them for review, approval or some other specific action.