Marketing and Sponsorships

You’re responsible for building the company brand and sponsorships are a likely part of the picture. Whether they’re pure marketing sponsorships aimed at getting customers to engage with your products or community events designed to promote corporate social responsibility, sponsorships are an important part of building a brand. But with the sponsorships come scores of details to handle, questions to answer and decisions to make. It can be hard to feel like you’re making a difference when you’re buried under a mountain of requests and proposals.

Versaic can help. Say goodbye to those stacks of proposals and requests coming in via email and phone. We’ll handle the volume so you can spend more time doing the things that matter and less time sifting through incoming information or worse yet, not responding at all. Our online solution will help you manage requests, streamline decision making and report on the results.
Whether you invest in a handful of major sponsorships each year or have your hand in hundreds of local events across the country, you need a system that will help you collect and track the right data about each partner you engage with. When your management asks you for that report detailing the results and impact of every event your company has supported, Versaic makes it possible for you to turn that report around on a dime. We also make it possible for your partners to check the status of their requests, saving you from fielding follow up phone calls and emails. With Versaic, you’ll spend less time focusing on the details and more time accomplishing your program objectives and building your company’s brand.

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