When a socially-responsible company engages with suppliers, grant requestors, non-profits and community-minded employees, the goal is to generate goodwill. But for corporate IT, that goodwill can come at a price. Opening your company up to a flood of requests without the right system in place to manage them can damage your reputation. You have to build or buy a system that ensures information is collected, tracked and managed with integrity.

Versaic can help. We offer the best of both worlds — a customized solution that gets your CSR teams up and running fast, with no impact on your IT organization. When companies are evaluating systems for managing their CSR programs, Versaic gets the nod for versatility, fast and easy implementation, flexible information tracking and reporting, and our no-hassles approach to customer service.

Our CSR management system is in the cloud so there isn’t any additional impact on your IT resources or team. As your CSR program needs change, we’ll adapt our solution to meet those needs. No lengthy specifications, review cycles or change orders, no additional cost. We just handle it. Fast.

With Versaic, supporting your CSR program just got a lot easier. Get a technical perspective on the Versaic Platform.