If you’re running a corporate or private foundation, you probably spend a lot of your time thinking about grants. What focus areas should you pursue and why? Which groups should your organization support and for what purposes? How can your organization make the biggest impact? And how do you even go about evaluating whether you’re making a difference?

Versaic can help. We deliver a streamlined grants management solution that ensures every group seeking support from your organization is treated fairly and consistently. You’ll have visibility into your entire grants process, with the detailed information necessary to make effective decisions. With Versaic, you own the system. It’s your branding, your guidelines, your processes and your data. Versaic works the way you work.

Everyone wants to be heard and groups or individuals submitting proposals want to know they’ll be treated fairly. The Versaic solution makes it easy for you to communicate your company’s philanthropic priorities and respond in a consistent and timely way, even if a polite “no, thank you” is your answer. If you have a flood of incoming requests, Versaic lets you manage them with ease. With Versaic, you’ll have the ability to automatically collect data on the results of your giving, giving you insights into your organization’s true impact.

Check out Versaic’s take on push button simplicity for corporate and private foundations.