For many companies, ensuring diversity in the supply chain is a critical piece of the organization’s CSR profile. If you’re overseeing the ethical and sustainable purchasing process, your job is a complex one, particularly if you’re managing a global operation. Not only do you need to provide access to the widest range of suppliers, you need an effective way to capture key data about potential suppliers, vet their capabilities and provide your purchasing teams with ready access to a pool of qualified, diverse suppliers. For organizations in highly regulated industries, compliance reporting adds additional complexity to the job. Since CSR-driven purchasing initiatives have the attention of the C-suite, your management team expects you to report at a moment’s notice about how your company is accomplishing its supplier diversity goals.

Versaic can help. You don’t need to worry about how many supplier requests you receive or where they come from. The Versaic solution streamlines the entire process, making it easy for potential suppliers to understand your guidelines and submit the information that you’ve specified. Everyone receives a prompt response (even if it’s a polite and automatic “we’ll let you know”) and is treated fairly.

For you and your team, Versaic manages the details so you’ll have more time to spend on other priorities. Previously time-consuming tasks such as reviewing the requests, routing them to the appropriate person or group for action, or searching for a supplier with a specific profile takes no time at all with Versaic.

After implementing the Versaic solution for ethical and sustainable purchasing, our customers report significant boosts to their brand and reputation. The public takes note about a company’s CSR record when it comes to its suppliers. Show the world you’re open for business.

With Versaic, being a good corporate citizen just got a lot easier. Read our take on why Purchasing loves Versaic.