Community Affairs

When you’re managing an active community affairs program, it’s sometimes hard to see the forest for the trees. Your team is inundated with requests for donations or sponsorships. Your employees have ideas about how to contribute and want to engage. Your management wants results including reports that show how your community programs support corporate objectives. It can be challenging to keep your eye on the strategy when you’re getting bogged down in details.

Versaic can help. We’ll configure a solution that qualifies all requests, manages the details and lets you and your team focus on things that really matter — making a difference in your community. We start with your priorities for your community affairs program and ensure that everyone who engages with your program understands your guidelines and is treated promptly and fairly. As your community affairs program grows, our versatile system can be easily adapted to meet your changing needs.

With Versaic, it’s easy to be open, accessible and transparent. And don’t worry about the volume of requests. That’s not an issue with Versaic. Our automated system makes it possible for your team to manage any amount of requests or proposals. In fact, several of our customers couldn’t launch their programs until our system was in place for fear of being overwhelmed with requests. Since we configure the system to meet your specific needs, you can be certain you’ll never miss the right opportunities.

With Versaic, being a good corporate citizen just got a lot easier. Read Versaic’s Tips for Supercharging Your Philanthropy Program.