Unmanageable Process

You have a corporate giving and sponsorship program but your process has been patched together over time using email and spreadsheets. You spend so much time plugging the holes that you don’t have a chance to step back and really look at what you’re doing. The patchwork process is killing you.

There was one proposal that went through so many steps that by the time it got back to me, I didn’t even know who it was from anymore or how to get in touch.

Our process lives and dies in sixteen different spreadsheets, none of which are integrated – or ever up to date.

Versaic can help. Learn how Versaic’s fully configurable system makes it possible for you to have a streamlined, automated solution that works exactly the way you need it to work. Most of our clients report they’ve cut the time they spend on processing requests by more than half.

Kyle never remembered to log in to the system so things were always bottlenecked with him. Versaic automatically prompts Joe to log in – problem solved!

We spent so much time trying to get requests routed to our various regions for review and response. Things were falling through the cracks all the time. The Versaic system makes sure that each request gets routed to the right place so the regional manager can deal with it.

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