Poor Submitter Satisfaction

Because you’re a prominent brand in the community, non-profits, customers and other organizations reach out to you for support. You want those making requests to have a good impression of your company but it’s not clear where they should submit their proposals, there’s no consistency to how you collect information, and they’re following up with you constantly to check the status of their requests.

I feel terrible but I dump the proposals in the trash at the end of each week because I have no time to review them or follow up.

We’re flooded with questions from organizations that don’t understand our programs or what we’re looking for.

I’ve been a loyal customer for fifteen years and now I can’t even get a response to a simple request I made on behalf of my kid’s school.

Versaic can help. We provide support for all your submitters and make it easy for organizations to engage with your company.

It’s such a relief to know that every non-profit or community group that reaches out to us gets an answer. Even when the answer is no, at least they’ve gotten a timely and personalized response and walk away feeling good about our organization.

We used to have one person on the team dedicated to just fielding requests from the community, helping them get the right forms filled out and so on. Since all of that happens automatically now, I’m able to use my team resources more effectively.

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