Resource Constraints

Your IT organization has their hands full managing an avalanche of issues. While they may be able to develop a system in-house, accumulating the expertise to design, deploy and administer a program management solution that meets your exact requirements could take many months. Perhaps you’ve looked at off the shelf software but can’t find one that meets your needs without requiring you to change the processes you already have in place. Do you have custom needs with an off-the-shelf budget?

No sooner had we mapped out our needs and gotten IT on board, then everything changed. New people on the team, new processes. We couldn’t get anything off the ground.

Our management wants to put a full program in place but budgets are tight and I’m afraid they aren’t going to spend what it’s going to take to get things right.

Versaic can help. Find out how we can deliver a fully-configured solution in record time at a lower cost than many other packaged solutions.

We had a year left on our contract with another vendor but we finally gave up. It was so painful trying to make things work and we just couldn’t get anything done. Versaic migrated our data for free and we were up and running in less than a month.

Our IT team created a system for us years ago using Access and we have just not been able to scale our program as our needs have grown. Believe it or not, it was our IT team that recommended we move to Versaic!

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