Inflexible System

The system sounded great when you adopted it but it never worked the way you needed it to.  It’s a packaged solution that is completely brittle: you need to work the way the system works or it breaks.  The person from IT who was supporting the system left and now it’s almost impossible to make changes.

We have to connect to the VPN every time we want to update the data between users of our system.

We built a system to our exact specifications but now every time we ask IT to make a change to the system, it’s a three-month lead-time.

We use Lotus Notes.  Enough said.

Versaic can help. See how a dedicated Client Success Manager will to help you stay ahead of the curve, quickly adjusting anything in the system as needed depending on organizational changes, new processes or people and anything else that comes up. With Versaic, your system will never be obsolete.

We’re a large company so we’ve got new people and programs coming on line all the time.  It used to take us weeks to make a change like that with our old vendor but now I make a phone call to my Versaic account manager and the change is in place within days (sometimes hours!)

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