No Visibility or Tracking

Your organization is spending money on grants, donations and sponsorships. You have no idea what you’re spending across the organization, who is doing what, or any ability to assess the impact you’re having.

All our regions are making decisions independently and we have no idea if there’s overlap in the groups they’re supporting.

Each quarter we pull a report on our giving and it’s a scramble that takes us a full week every time.

We’re constantly asked by executives for reports that slice & dice data we don’t even have.

Versaic can help. Learn how Versaic enables you to report on any data in any format, no exceptions. Versaic is the only company capable of providing true Impact Reporting, making it possible for you to see the full impact of your corporate giving.

For the first time, we were able to see that we were neglecting certain regions and not making nearly the impact we’d hoped for. That’s totally changed now that Versaic has given us visibility into what we’re doing.

We used to only be able to report to our management team and board the dollars spent. Now we give them a full picture of the impact of each contribution along with pictures and stories of the people we’re helping. They’ve just doubled my budget!

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