Telecom & Technology

Technology companies often focus their philanthropy on areas that support their mission – STEM education, entrepreneurship and innovation. Many have active grants programs and product donations to support education and other non-profit institutions are common. For telecom companies, the challenge is often how to best get exposure to the broadest range of customers. Sponsorships, whether national, regional or community-level, are often their best bet.

For companies making significant grants in focused areas, how can impact be measured to ensure goals are being met? If sponsorships are part of the program, how can you field proposals from interested parties and route those requests to the right departments or individuals within your company to review?

Versaic has the solution. Our streamlined solution ensures you get the right information to the right people so you can respond more quickly to requests. You’ll be able to produce reports in any format you need so your team and your management will understand the results of your programs and investments. US Cellular tracks all requests for sponsorships using Versaic, whether it’s proposals for corporate support or internal requests from individual stores for corporate marketing resources for community events.

Regardless of the scope or structure of your organization and the diversity of your programs, Versaic works the way you work. Doing good has never been easier.