Retail & Grocery

Whether you have a single store or a national chain, your retail presence is part of the community. Your customers expect you to engage with the community in many different ways, whether it’s at events or providing support to local schools and non-profits. Charitable giving isn’t just good for the community, it’s good for your brand. Customers want to do business with retailers that support the community.

How do you ensure programs are well-managed at the store, regional and corporate level? How do you invite customers and partners to engage with your company? How do you handle requests in a prompt, friendly way without overwhelming store management? How can you focus on the requests that are aligned with your company’s brand, goals and priorities?

Versaic has the solution.
Versaic has designed and deployed systems for retail and grocery companies that make philanthropic programs accessible for partners and the community. For example, Panera Bread uses the Versaic solution to manage their Operation Dough-Nation program, coordinating gift certificate and food donations to local charities and corporate food drives through local Panera stores. With Versaic, there’s no trade-off. You can implement a high-impact program that meets the needs of your management and your community.

Regardless of the scope or structure of your business and the diversity of your programs, Versaic works the way you work. Doing good has never been easier.