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Whether you’re an airline or a trucking company, being a socially responsibly company delivers positive impact for your business. It’s good for the community and good for the brand, as long as you can manage the volume of requests effectively. If your company has a presence in multiple markets, it becomes a challenge to balance your giving across regions, focus on priority markets and strategically leverage donations to maximize marketing impact.

How can you be accessible to the community and your customers without getting buried in requests? How can you ensure that requests are properly handled and that you can devote sufficient time to reviewing those requests? Which charitable or marketing-related opportunities align with your strategies and provide the best exposure for your brand?

Versaic has the solution. Versaic has designed and deployed systems that streamline the process of managing large volumes of requests. Long-time Versaic client JetBlue is an example of how a well-managed giving program helps the community and provides significant marketing benefits. JetBlue receives thousands of requests annually for ticket donations. All requests are handled through Versaic, easily and simply.

Regardless of the scope or structure of your business and the diversity of your programs, Versaic works the way you work. Doing good has never been easier.

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