Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Solutions

Healthcare today means a lot more than primary care. Healthcare and pharmaceutical providers are an essential part of any healthy community. You’re delivering education, health services and the latest information to your community. Charitable giving, philanthropy and community partnerships are an important part of the outreach to your community.

For pharmaceutical companies, corporate philanthropy comes with the additional burden of compliance laws and regulations. Your sales teams often end up on the front line for requests for grants and support, creating distractions and compliance challenges.

Versaic’s best-in-class platform provides an intuitive interface for those requesting funding (with concept submission as well as full application for IIT), automated reconciliation for Med Ed grants as well as committee review and compliance reporting; all of which satisfy the current (and ongoing) requirements applicable to each program.

Our system has helped pharmaceutical companies such as Valeant, Bausch + Lomb, Mallinckrodt, and more to:

  • Engage professionally with researchers, physicians and institutions
  • Identify research, grant and charitable proposals that align with your company's goals
  • Streamline internal decision making processes
  • Gather all necessary data to support business reporting 

Learn how Versaic gives Valeant time to better align with their mission in this case study.

Indiana University Health, with its network of 19 hospitals, uses the Versaic system to manage the charitable giving and corporate partnerships that are central to the organization’s community outreach program.

Bausch + Lomb uses Versaic to handle charitable requests, investigator-initiated research and medical education grants. They rely on Versaic to get requests to the right person for review, utilizing a process that is consistent, thorough and complies with all regulations.

Regardless of the scope or structure of your organization and the diversity of your programs, Versaic works the way you work. Doing good has never been easier.