Food & Beverage

In our experience, food and beverage producers receive more requests for donations and sponsorships than just about any other segment. The brands are well-known and the companies typically make significant investments in marketing and philanthropy. The brand benefit for these activities can be huge but the complexity associated with obtaining approvals and coordinating implementation for a local, national or global campaign is also significant.

How can you maximize the positive impact that comes with sponsorship and charitable giving? How can you avoid being buried by the volume of requests? How can you respond in a timely way, at the right level of your organization and report back to your management on results? How can you identify the opportunities that align most closely with your strategic goals and leverage those across the organization?

Versaic has the solution.
 Versaic has worked closely with food and beverage producers to configure solutions that help address all these challenges and more. Rather than fearing the volume of requests, they welcome them because with Versaic, more requests mean bigger brand impact with no downside. Anheuser-Busch uses Versaic to manage all community requests for donations and event support. Thousands of interested people and organizations visit the site and proposals are routed through the Versaic system to make it easy for Anheuser-Busch to review, respond and take action on the most compelling opportunities. Versaic helps Anheuser-Busch showcase the company’s commitment to community engagement.

Regardless of the scope or structure of your business and the diversity of your programs, Versaic works the way you work. Doing good has never been easier.


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