Most energy companies are engaged in philanthropy whether it’s the national companies sponsoring worthy causes or the regional companies engaging with their communities. Gas stations and utility companies are part of every city or town so the local approach to philanthropy – sponsoring uniforms for the local youth baseball team or making donations to schools and community groups, for example – is the perfect way for these businesses to engage with customers and build their brands.

How can you be accessible to the community and your customers without getting overwhelmed with requests? What’s the best way to track all the requests so that your support is reaching the right groups? How can you enable local managers to field requests but still have oversight?

Versaic has the solution. Versaic has a flexible solution that enables you to manage your philanthropy process in precisely the way that works best for you. Our system streamlines requests so you can respond quickly and easily without getting bogged down in details. And when you’re ready to expand into a new area, Versaic helps you stay ahead of the curve and ensure you’re supporting those communities.

No matter how you’re making a difference, Versaic makes it easier for you to engage and build your brand presence. Doing good has never been easier.

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