Consumer Goods

Savvy consumer companies know they have the perfect tool for engaging with their community or building their brand right in their back pocket – their own products. Whether you’re launching a new product or you’re a much-loved brand, product giveaways are an ideal vehicle for marketing or donations programs. Consumer products companies tend to get overwhelmed with requests for giveaways, whether it’s from a local community group or national campaigns.

How do you respond to every request that comes in without spending lots of time taking calls or sending emails? How do you track where you want your donations to go to ensure you’re covering the demographics, regions or causes that are most critical for your business? How can you report on the impact of the donations you’re making without creating massive spreadsheets?

Versaic has the solution. Versaic has worked with many consumer companies and we understand the challenges and the opportunities. We help clients with a streamlined solution that makes it possible to field any number of requests without overwhelming your team or dropping any balls. You’ll be able to respond faster and make a bigger impact. Stanley Black & Decker uses the Versaic system to manage multiple programs including charitable donations and marketing sponsorships as well as for fielding ideas and suggestions for new products from customers.

No matter how you’re making a difference, Versaic makes it easier for you to engage and build your brand presence. Doing good has never been easier.

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