Versaic Helps Sequoia Healthcare District Cut Through the Paperwork and Increase Impact


Sequoia was managing its grants programs, which serve 60,000 residents in the community, with a combination of paper proposals, spreadsheets and emails. The labor-intensive process was unwieldy and made it impossible to integrate data across programs.


Versaic developed a flexible, custom-configured solution that meets all of Sequoia’s needs and is a win for Sequoia and its grantees. They are now able to easily integrate, analyze and report on data across programs.

The Versaic system enables Sequoia to measure and improve their impact throughout the communities they serve.
Streamlined process provides more time to focus on impact.

Eliminating manual systems and data entry improves Sequoia’s efficiency and accuracy, leaving more time for the work that really matters, like nurturing relationships with grantees and community partners. Establishing clear guidelines and a smart application process means both Sequoia and potential grantees save time and effort.

Better insights into results and improved decision making.

The submission process is designed to collect the exact information Sequoia needs to make decisions. Customized scoring tools give the Board of Directors an easy way to evaluate proposals. Once grants are made, flexible tools enable Sequoia to easily access and report on any data, in any format at any time.

Easier for grantees to engage and report on impact.

Questionnaires help grantees detail the impact they expect to make and prompt them to provide periodic input. Mid-grant reports help the Sequoia team assess progress and work with grantees to ensure they are on track to achieve their goals. Grantees are able to submit final impact reports through the system and can access full submission history for subsequent applications.


With the introduction of the Versaic system, Sequoia Healthcare District has a highway of data straight from its clients that has proven to be vastly more efficient. Using the reporting system customized by Versaic, Sequoia has the ability to quickly and effortlessly collect multiple data in a single report, gain insight that guides funding decisions and better quantify program outcomes.


The mission of Sequoia Healthcare District is to improve the health of residents by providing access to care and promoting wellness. One way we achieve this is through our Caring Community Grants Program where each year we provide grants to non-profits that offer critical health services to District residents. Through Versaic, our grants process has been streamlined and modernized, giving us more time to develop our programs and foster our relationships that maximize our impact within the community.

Lee Michelson, CEO, Sequoia Healthcare District