Highmark Partners With Versaic to Streamline Grants and Sponsorships


Highmark receives an average of 100 requests for grants and community sponsorships every week. They needed a system that could manage the volume and the entire process, plus support multiple teams and provide each group with flexibility to determine how they handle their programs and processes.


Versaic worked with Highmark to configure their ideal system, meeting the specific needs of each team, while providing corporate giving and Foundation executives with deeper insights across all of their programs. The fully-supported Versaic system was launched on time and on budget.

Versaic integrates corporate and Foundation programs into a single no-compromise solution for Highmark.
Integration and visibility across the entire system.

Highmark’s corporate giving and the Foundation teams have separate branded websites for submissions. Using the same system internally makes it simple for teams to share information and collaborate, resulting in increased productivity and enhanced decision making.

Enhanced branding and awareness.

Branded website communicates Highmark’s mission and criteria for support and provide a single site for proposal submission. An event module tracks and manages all commitments, ensuring maximum branding and awareness for Highmark at community events. The fully configured Versaic system tracks, manages and reports on all giving activity and touchpoints with partners

Increased accuracy and efficiency.

Eliminating manual systems means the Highmark team is armed with accurate information and able to be more effective and responsive. Customized questionnaires facilitate the process of routing requests to the right region and group for assessment and follow up. Relationships with community partners are enhanced because executives have access to historical data.


With the streamlined solution from Versaic, Highmark is able to save hours of time each week and achieve better results in terms of efficiency, awareness and community support. The Highmark team keeps pace with the volume of requests without losing the personal touch that enables them to collaborate effectively with community organizations and work toward improving the health and quality of life of the people they serve.


The Versaic team didn’t just implement a system for us. They were with us every step of the way, and are still there to ensure that our online platform continues to function as designed. They listen, collaborate and are true partners throughout the process.

Mary Papale, Director of Community Affairs, Highmark