The Versaic Platform

By Mark Soloway, Chief Technology Officer 11/22/11


As Versaic's CTO, I was tasked with creating a SaaS application that would allow a highly customized presence to each Versaic client. In our experience, we found that while there were common application features across each customer SaaS deployment, there was enough customization needed by each client to require a unique and highly flexible approach. Since it was only an incremental effort to build out a general-purpose platform versus creating an application that had all of the customization hooks and features built in, I decided that we should build a new platform to support our known application needs and to support needs that we were not aware of yet. In fact, trying to create the application first would have been more complicated, would have had changing requirements throughout its development, would have greatly restricted what Versaic could do in the future, and would require constant upgrade to add features that we would have never thought of the first time around.

In my tech blogs, I'm going to give you a behind-the-scenes tour of our system as well as provide commentary on interesting new developments in the marketplace.

Warning: this is only for the tech-minded of you!

At an application level, the platform needed to provide the following to support our clients evolving needs:

  • Customizable request/submission intake portals
  • Mailboxes supporting custom folder and roll-up constructs for the reception and collection of requests
  • Ability to add custom information to received requests
  • Support for custom request workflow, evaluation, and approval processes
  • Support for custom business rules, including the ability to create custom request scoring algorithms and automate actions based on both score results and the content of requests
  • Event and action definition and scheduling
  • Ability to generate new requests based on the information and status of a received request
  • Request search and filter capabilities
  • Customizable automatic and manual responses to requests
  • Support custom reports and dashboards
  • Facilitate frequent changes to business rules, organization, approval workflows and employees -- in other words, support the rapid configuration of nearly any feature change...

All of the Versaic platform features are accessed by creating declarative XML constructs for business objects, business rules, dashboards, and request intake portals. This allows the creation of custom SaaS applications using XML, which allows us to more easily setup, maintain, reconfigure and support our clients individual needs.

In future posts, I'll provide more information on this platform, and how we've structured our database and reference applications to create libraries of solutions that we use to quickly develop and maintain our clients individual solutions.

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