Small Grants Pack a Big Punch

Inside Philanthropy is one of our go-to sources for insights and trends in charitable giving and philanthropy. A recent article on The Wonderful World of Mini-Grants caught our eye. We have long touted the power of small to our clients with respect to their corporate philanthropy and have witnessed how even modest donations – gift cards, sports equipment, food and beverages, for example -- can make a big difference in communities and for non-profits.

The concept of mini-grants takes it a step further and this article by Alyssa Ochs and David Callihan makes it clear that small grants, in the neighborhood of $100-1000, are flourishing and making an impact. It’s a bit surprising to note that some of the biggest corporate giving companies – Walmart, Bank of America are two cited in the article– are giving lots of mini grants and see them as a way to extend their reach to more organizations and fund small initiatives and projects.

We circulated the article with clients and received some enthusiastic responses about the role mini-grants can play as an element of corporate philanthropy programs. Lynn Freida, Manager of Community Affairs for Constellation Brands had this to say: “We have always found it important to give back in the communities where we live and work, and as our company has grown over the years, we have found mini-grants to be a great way to engage our employees and the community at a grassroots level. We have taken our giving one step further by creating a special mini-grants platform where our employees can champion a not-for-profits’ request, so we can better direct our funding from a corporate level to have the most impact in the communities our employees call home.”

This article is a reminder that small can indeed be beautiful. Read it here.

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Small Grants Pack a Big Punch

This article from Inside Philanthropy about mini-grants is a great reminder that when it comes to charitable giving, small can be beautiful.

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