Versaic shares perspectives on corporate giving and beyond

Small Grants Pack a Big Punch

This article from Inside Philanthropy about mini-grants is a great reminder that when it comes to charitable giving, small can be beautiful.

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CECP Captures Giving in Numbers

An in-depth look at progress in the areas of corporate philanthropy, volunteerism, employee giving and more.

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Are Reporting Challenges Getting in the Way of Grantee Success?

Complying with burdensome reporting requirements can sap nonprofits of time and energy, making them less effective.

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Jumpstart Your Corporate Giving With Donations

For companies looking for simple, cost-effective ways to give back to the community, it’s hard to beat a donation program.

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Is That It? The Benefits of Continuous Configuration

Anyone can get cold feet when it comes to migrating to a new software solution or implementing a brand new system to tackle any kind of complex process.

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How to Tell Your Corporate Philanthropy Story with Authenticity

During Women’s History Month in March, the JetBlue Foundation (who, as luck would have it, is a Versaic client) hosted 75 girls between the ages of 8 and 12 to learn what it’s like to “Fly Like a Girl” at a hangar in New York’s JFK airport.

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