Jumpstart Your Corporate Giving With Donations

By Andy Cummings, Director, Client Solutions, 04/25/17

For companies looking for simple, cost-effective ways to give back to the community, it’s hard to beat a donation program. Providing products or gift cards to local community groups is often the first step a company takes in launching a corporate giving program. It’s relatively easy to get started and the benefits for corporate donors are significant:

Are Reporting Challenges Getting in the Way of Grantee Success?

By Andy Cummings, Director, Client Solutions, 03/16/17

Complying with burdensome reporting requirements can sap nonprofits of time and energy, making them less effective. How can corporate grantmakers get the data they need and still help ease the burden?

Funding isn’t the only thing that can be in short supply at a nonprofit. When you’re pursuing your mission, time and energy are just as important. Every minute you spend on unproductive tasks reduces your effectiveness. Most corporate funders want nothing more than for their nonprofit partners...

Q&A with Kim Fortunato, Director of Campbell Healthy Communities

By Andy Cummings, Director, Client Solutions, 02/21/17

Kim Fremont Fortunato has served as Director of Campbell Healthy Communities, the first position of its kind for a food company, since 2010. The Campbell Healthy Communities program is an initiative to improve the health of young people in Campbell communities by reducing childhood obesity and hunger. Now in its fourth year, the Healthy Communities model, based on Collective Impact methodology has been referred to as a best in class for the industry. The Camden program, home to Campbell’s...

Feature Q&A with Tyler Butler, Principal and Founder, 11Eleven Consulting and Former CSR Director at GoDaddy

By Jennifer Spencer, Content Marketing Manager, 01/19/17

Tyler Butler is Founder and Principal of 11Eleven Consulting. 11Eleven is a boutique consulting firm focused on aiding companies who aim to do well by doing good. 11Eleven assists companies to develop meaningful and innovative corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. Prior to 11Eleven, Tyler was responsible for revolutionizing GoDaddy’s corporate social responsibility platform. As the leader of GoDaddy’s global philanthropic efforts she led GoDaddy’s commitment to making a...

M&T Bank Optimizes Grant Cycle with Versaic

By Jennifer Spencer, Content Marketing Manager, 01/11/17

Each year, M&T Bank is proud to offer generous grants to charitable organizations, focusing particularly on those that work to build and improve individual communities. In 2015 alone, they donated over 22.5 million to various non-profits.

However, M&T Bank’s generosity also came with a lot of inconvenience. The grant-giving process was tedious. M&T needed a solution that would cut down on time-wasting activities so they could focus on their mission. After careful research, they eventually...

11 Expert CSR Predictions for 2017

By Jennifer Spencer, Content Marketing Manager, 01/04/17

As millennials begin to dominate the workforce and consumer market, the way our world looks at the products and services we buy has changed for the better. Today’s consumers are more careful, cautious and educated about where and with whom they spend their hard-earned money. Successful brands are moving toward greater transparency and accountability to retain their customers and demonstrate responsibility to their communities and the world we live in. 

As we enter 2017, CSR trends are...

The 10 Best CSR Books to Give as Gifts or Read Over the Holidays

By Andy Cummings, Director, Client Solutions, 12/14/16

The holiday season is here. Your gifts may be picked out and ready to go, but what about something for your CSR colleagues? And what about your own wish list? The holiday break is a great time to catch up on your reading. We asked some leading CSR experts what books they have recently read and why they recommend them. There’s plenty here to get you and your colleagues fired up for the year ahead..

The ROI of Sponsorship and Corporate Giving

By Andy Cummings, Director, Client Solutions, 12/06/16


For many years, leading brands have leveraged sponsorships as an effective way to build brand awareness. Companies put their name on a stadium for the world to see, or develop sponsorships with globally consistent brands to increase their brand exposure. But what results are these impressions driving? How much impact do they have on sales? At best companies predict estimates of brand impact, but in reality there has been little hard data on the return on investment (ROI).

A 2015 NY...

CSR Initiatives – Who Picked Up Your Story?

By Jennifer Risi, Global Chief Communications Officer & Managing Director, Ogilvy Media Influence at Ogilvy Public Relations , 11/30/16

Just as CSR initiatives have become increasingly important in recent years, so too has the role of earned media relations. Rather than falling at the wayside as many experts predicted, earned media is far more important and far more influential than ever before.

A Nielsen study found that 84 percent of consumers trust peer recommendations, while 42 percent trust ads.  More and more consumers base their willingness to purchase, endorse or invest time in a company that is doing right by its...

Integrating CSR and Building CEO Support: Q&A with Jennifer C. Weston-Murphy, Corporate Leadership, CECP

By Jennifer Spencer, Content Marketing Manager, 11/22/16

As a member of CECP’s Corporate Leadership team, Jennifer serves as a CSR expert for partner companies, advising business leaders on strategy, best practices, and research insights. She also manages strategy and execution of many of CECP’s events, as well as leads the growth of CECP's coalition of Fortune 500 CEOs and their companies. Jennifer began her tenure at CECP on the communications and marketing team, collaborating with companies to tell their stories of social impact and convening...