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Versaic is the only online solution for grants, sponsorship & donation management that works precisely the way you want. With our software and expertise, you’ll save time, gain insights, increase your impact and build your brand.

Corporate Donations Request Management


Showcase the good your company is doing. You’ll engage more effectively with your community and better align your giving with your corporate mission

Grants Management Software


Streamline the entire grants management process from requests through reporting. You’ll work more efficiently and be able to communicate the full impact of your grants.

 Sponsorship Management Solution


Maximize the value of your sponsorships. You’ll respond faster, gain visibility into your portfolio and improve your ROI.

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Versaic Clients Success Stories
  • Versaic Provides CSR and Sustainability Program Management

    Versaic not only built the system for us but they anticipated our
    needs and made it easy for us to expand as our requirements grew.

    Now thanks to Versaic, our process is streamlined and keeps us well informed, so instead of spending our time doing paperwork, we are able to focus on making the best decisions and activating our partnerships.

    Lea Ann Stevenson, SVP, Marketing Director, Fifth Third Bank
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    We are able to respond quickly and efficiently to the thousands of requests

    that we receive for support and also manage our commitments.
    With Versaic, we have more engagement and less hassle – a winning combination!

    Stacey Nelson-Kumar, Director, Community Relations, SUPERVALU
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    We communicate our impact in two ways – through data and stories.

    The data quantifies our impact and the stories help us understand the human and social value of our investments.  Both are essential and Versaic’s Impact Reporting delivers on both fronts.

    Jennifer Walker, Community Relations Manager, Oakley
  • Getting started with Versaic, we set the bar high – deliver a solution

    that meets our specific needs and implement it fast. Not only did Versaic meet that goal, they went above and beyond, designing an even better solution than we’d thought possible. It was perfect!

    Christy-Duncan Anderson, Executive Director, The Safeway Foundation